The partners in this project are the following:


Stichting art.1 (Foundation art.1) – The Netherlands:

Stichting art.1 (Foundation art.1) is inspired by the first article of the Dutch Constitution, stating that no one shall be discriminated on grounds of religions, race, political or sexual preference or any other standards and this foundation lays the base for our current projects and films. Therefore, the name art.1 refers to Article 1 of the Constitution as well as to art: we initiate projects about taboo subjects by using art as a form of expression. The foundation consists of three people and several young people who work for the organization on a freelance basis as well as several volunteers.


Zenska Alijansa (Women’s Alliance) – Republic of Macedonia:

Founded in October 2007 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, Women’s Alliance is the first lesbian and feminist NGO for the promotion and protection of human rights of the LGBT community and cultural development of society based on the principles of equality, diversity, tolerance and non-discrimination. Women’s Alliance considers the right to different sexual orientation to be one of the basic human rights. Women’s Alliance advocates for elimination of all forms of violence against non-heterosexual people and discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. The organization constantly strives towards social inclusion of LGBT people and equal rights by pleading for legal changes and improvement of the domestic legislation.


Angelica Entertainments (Team Angelica) – United Kingdom:


Angelica Entertainments is a multi-media entertainment company. Angelica Entertainments produces plays and films (3 features and 9 shorts so far) books and music events. At Angelica Entertainments all sexes, sexualities, races, ages, classes, shapes, sizes, nationalities, abilities, disabilities, backgrounds, religions, creeds and political leanings are welcome.

Artistic Director: Rikki Beadle-Blair
Project Manager: Dimitrios Kraniotis


QueerANarchive – Croatia:


Since 2014 QueerANarchive organizes photography and video workshops for the queer community. The aim of the program is to help the participants think about their personal gender and sexual identities through media of photography and film and to question the norms of the dominant patriarchal system. The abovementioned program is developed in collaboration with Rišpet and Queer Sport Split, other LGBTIQ NGOs working in town of Split, Croatia, and supported by Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the Municipality of Split. The program is run by local art students and queer artists, such as Leonora Miliša, Tanja Minarik, Ton?i Kranj?evi? Batali?.


Association Ljubljana Pride – Slovenia:

Association Ljubljana Pride was founded in 2009 by the members of Slovenian LGBTIQ NGOs, as a result of the increasing scope of the project. Since its founding, the Association has organized 5 annual Pride Parades. The purpose of the Association is to contribute to creating a non-discriminatory and inclusive society, open to all individuals, regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other personal circumstance. The Association is established for the implementation of human rights and interests of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ below) people.


Athens Pride Festival – Athens Pride – Greece:


Athens Pride, an all-volunteer, civil non-profit association, was registered in 2006 after the first successful Athens Pride parade through the city center in June 2005. The Association currently consists of 6 registered partners and an Organizing Committee of 5-7 people, both partners and non-partners, who manage all aspects of the year’s operations. Athens Pride promotes the positive visibility and advocates for the rights of LGBTQI persons in Greece through its annual, public Pride festival, consisting of a week of events, and a Pride village, parade and concert. In addition, Athens Pride organizes mid-year cultural, social and political events (exhibitions, films, discussions, concerts, parties, etc). Approximately 32,000 people marched in the June 13, 2015 Athens Pride Parade. Athens Pride has a strong bond with the arts and artists, who have over the years supported the organization through exhibitions, film screenings, fundraising auctions and concerts. Athens Pride also partners in programs with other local, regional and international organizations that share common aims. It is currently partnering with OLKE, Thessaloniki Pride and Positive Voice in the Greek Help Line, 11528 by your side.


MiGaY – Austria:


MiGaY was founded in 2009 as Austria’s first information medium and networking platform for and by LGBTQ migrants. Headquartered in Vienna, MiGaY has led and supported projects related to combating racism in the LGBTQ and migrant communities, and raising awareness. It has been an important information medium for queer asylum-seekers. MiGaY published Austria’s first queer migrant magazine with articles in nine different languages, and each year organizes Austria’s only International Queer Migrant Film Days (IQMF) MiGaY often collaborates and supports the work of other queer organizations in Austria and Europe. It has worked for the past five years with the queer and migrant community in Austria and has opened and encouraged dialogue between the queer and mainstream communities about sexuality, religion, ethnicity, and, most importantly, about acceptance and reconciliation among these different identities. MiGaY has supported queer asylum-seekers escaping persecution in their home countries with information and resources to strengthen their residency claims. In addition, it has participated and supported queer pride parades and demonstrations in Eastern Europe, mainly in Belgrade, Bratislava and Budapest, where it is still very difficult for the queer community to be open about their sexual identity. In this program, we provide our expertise on cultural dialogue regarding queer and migrant topics and the unique issues and solutions that we encounter.